Student Living in Lisbon

By Joana P. . 4 years
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Lisbon offers various accommodation options tailored for students: university student residences, rooms and apartments. Financial support, duration of stay and the chosen course to attend - will contribute to the decision when choosing accommodation.

International students as well as Portuguese are eligible for accommodation in university residences, the applications for which have to be sent to the university, where a you will study. Residences that belong to universities are managed by the Social Action Service “Serviços de Ação Social – SAS”), however they have limited capacity. For more information contact the university you are applying to.

Amongst others, you can rent a room in the apartment, with common kitchen, living area and bathroom being shared with other students (a more affordable option), or rent a whole apartment for yourself - this depends on your financial situation.

It is important to visit the place and learn all the relevant information about the accommodation before signing a contract, for example: the contract duration, extra monthly fees, internet access, laundry, telephone, Tv, etc.

If you need to find accommodation after arriving in Lisbon, you can stay in Lisbon hostels, which are considered to be the world’s best according to the international rankings, -  until you find yourself a suitable accommodation option.


Few student accomodation options:

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