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House’s Prices By : Inês ALMEIDA 23-05-2018 . 3 years 23 May 2018

Lisbon is where house’s prices have the lowest rises

Lisbon is one of 42 world capitals that recorded the mildest increases in house prices between 2013 and 2017, according to an IMF study Read this article
Urban Rehabilitation By : Inês ALMEIDA 15-05-2018 . 3 years 15 May 2018

Urban rehabilitation rising in Avenidas Novas, Lisbon

Urban rehabilitation has grown significantly in Lisbon, particularly in Avenidas Novas. This was the area with the highest increase in offer prices Read this article
World Happiness Report By : Inês ALMEIDA 29-03-2018 . 3 years 29 March 2018

Portuguese are happier now than they were last year

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The Portuguese population in general is happier today than it was in 2017, according to the World Happiness Report of 2018, released by the UN Read this article
Investment in Portugal By : Inês ALMEIDA 28-03-2018 . 3 years 28 March 2018

Portugal is the 25th country with the highest investment volume in 2017

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Portugal is the 25th country in the world with the highest volume of investment, which reaches a total of 2.1 billion, corresponding to a 61% increase Read this article
Portuguese Economy By : Inês ALMEIDA 28-02-2018 . 3 years 28 February 2018

Portuguese economy growth in 2017 exceeds expectations

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The portuguese economy doesn’t stop growing and last year was no exception, having grown above expectations. In 2017, the GDP increased by 2.7% Read this article
Lisbon at MIPIM By : Inês ALMEIDA 27-02-2018 . 3 years 27 February 2018

Invest Lisboa promotes the portuguese capital in MIPIM

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MIPIM, the largest real estate fair in the world, will be held again in Cannes. Lisbon will be represented by Invest Lisboa, in a stand of 84 m2 Read this article
By : Joana CIDADES 08-09-2017 . 3 years 08 September 2017

ARX Portugal Arquitectos

ARX PORTUGAL REAL ESTATE ARCHITECTS, responsible for the realization of the brand new development project Graça Terraces in the historic center of Lisbon. Read this article
António Paraíso By : Inês ALMEIDA 11-07-2017 . 3 years 11 July 2017

Discover the universe of luxury with António Paraíso

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Discover the perspective of the consultant and speaker António Paraiso on luxury real estate, the city of Lisbon and the whole universe that surrounds the concept of luxury Read this article
Long term rental By : Joana CIDADES 04-07-2017 . 4 years 04 July 2017

Reduction on Income Tax for long term rentals in Portugal

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Investing Portugal
Property owners who choose long term rental in Portugal will beneficiate form a decrease in taxes: from 35% to 28% on Income Taxes. Read this article
Room decor By : Joana CIDADES 28-06-2017 . 4 years 28 June 2017

Find out how to make the most sophisticated room decoration

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At Home
If you wish to renew your room decoration, follow our tips in order to have a more luxurious space. From colors to materials, discover everything. Read this article
Local Housing Allowance By : Joana CIDADES 23-06-2017 . 4 years 23 June 2017

What is the overall picture of Local Housing Allowance in Portugal?

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Local Housing Allowance is a great way to invest in Portugal. The real estate prices give you a nice profit, as the tourists prefer this type of housing. Read this article
Construction and Real Estate By : Joana CIDADES 22-06-2017 . 4 years 22 June 2017

Construction sector follows the dynamism of real estate

The construction sector in Portugal is growing thanks mostly to the investment in Real Estate: as it develops, the construction follow the positive trend. Read this article
Famous in Portugal By : Joana CIDADES 16-06-2017 . 4 years 16 June 2017

Famous people living in Portugal: will it be a growing trend?

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Living in Portugal
Famous people around the world are already living in Portugal. Among the many factors are the security, the culture and the welcoming feeling. Read this article
Calculate Local Accomodation By : Joana CIDADES 10-06-2017 . 4 years 10 June 2017

Learn how to calculate the profitability of your local accommodation

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Investing Portugal
If you wish to invest in Portugal, choose to transform a property into a Local Accomodation. Discover the profit rate and how to start your own project. Read this article
Golden Visa By : Joana CIDADES 07-06-2017 . 4 years 07 June 2017

Government speeds up the process of Golden Visa

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Golden Visa
The process to acquire a Golden Visa in Portugal is getting shorter! Get your permit to invest in Portugal more quickly through the "blue line" and begin your investment in the… Read this article