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Luxury homes By : Joana CIDADES 05-06-2017 . 4 years 05 June 2017

Portuguese are the biggest buyers of luxury homes

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The luxury homes in Portugal are being bought by Portuguese. The locals are the greatest investors in the luxury segment of Real Estate. Read this article
Global Peace Index By : Joana CIDADES 02-06-2017 . 4 years 02 June 2017

Portugal is the 3rd most pacific country in the world

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The latest Global Peace Index indicates Portugal as the third most safe country in the whole world. Several factors rend this a good country to live. Read this article
Ricky Martin By : Joana CIDADES 02-06-2017 . 4 years 02 June 2017

Ricky Martin wishes to buy a property in Portugal

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The famous singer, Ricky Martin, may be moving to Portugal according to an interview given to RTP. The singer will also perform this month in Meo Arena. Read this article
Employment construction By : Joana CIDADES 01-06-2017 . 4 years 01 June 2017

Highest growth since 2011 in employment in construction industry

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Investing Portugal
The construction sector in Portugal reveals an increase of its employment! The real estate is the greatest responsible for this development in 2017. Read this article
Madonna Lisbon By : Joana CIDADES 23-05-2017 . 4 years 23 May 2017

Madonna has fell in love with Lisbon

According to some news, Madonna may be moving to Lisbon very soon. The queen of pop was spotted several times in the capital with her kids. Read this article
Portugal deficit By : Joana CIDADES 22-05-2017 . 4 years 22 May 2017

Portugal lowers budget deficit and moves to growth plan

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Investing Portugal
Portugal may get out of the Excessive Deficit Procedure, as its deficit has been reduced to 2%. A downward path must be kept to reduce it even more. Read this article
Telegraph holiday home By : Joana CIDADES 24-04-2017 . 4 years 24 April 2017

The Telegraph says you should buy your holiday home in Portugal

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Living in Portugal
Choose Portugal to buy your holiday home! Between Lisbon, Porto or the region of Algarve, you have many to discover about the country. Read this article
Moving to Portugal By : Joana CIDADES 18-04-2017 . 4 years 18 April 2017

Finding the perfect home when moving to Portugal

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Living in Portugal
If you're deciding to move to Portugal, follow this tips concerning your future home and how to ship your belongings, like households or a car. Read this article
MIPIM By : Joana CIDADES 09-03-2017 . 4 years 09 March 2017

Discover our real estate projects at MIPIM 2017

We will be presenting our real estate projects in MIPIM! Visit us at the biggest real estate event in Cannes, discover us and enjoy many conferences. Read this article
House prices Algarve By : Joana CIDADES 22-02-2017 . 4 years 22 February 2017

Real estate prices in Algarve increased by 11.2%

The Residential Confidential Real Estate Index has revealed that the house prices in Algarve are growing. Like other reagions, the south had a 14% increase. Read this article
Portugal is considered one of the best countries to invest By : Inês ALMEIDA 25-01-2017 . 4 years 25 January 2017

Portugal is considered one of the best countries to invest

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Investing Portugal
The Real Deal - South Florida Real Estate News ranked the top nine countries to invest in real estate in the year 2017 and put Portugal at the top of the list. Read this article
Christies portuguese cities By : Joana CIDADES 30-12-2016 . 4 years 30 December 2016

There are two Portuguese cities in the ranking of Christie's agency

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Investing Portugal
Lisbon and Porto are highlighted by Christie's International Real Estate! The ranking of the agency stresses out several reasons to discover the cities. Read this article
Eurozone is not in danger of housing bubble By : Joana P. 22-12-2016 . 4 years 22 December 2016

Eurozone is not in danger of housing bubble

According to the European Central Bank (ECB), housing prices in the Eurozone are currently at the right point, driving speculation around a new real estate bubble. Read this article
Housing loan spreads decreased by 16% in 2016 By : Joana P. 21-12-2016 . 4 years 21 December 2016

Housing loan spreads decreased by 16% in 2016

BCP was the last bank to change the rate charged on mortgage loans, lowering the minimum spread to 1.5%. This is the same amount charged by Santander Totta and Read this article
High demand for offices in Lisbon will continue in 2017 By : Joana P. 19-12-2016 . 4 years 19 December 2016

High demand for offices in Lisbon will continue in 2017

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Real Estate Lisbon
There is still a great demand for offices in Lisbon, as well as in Porto. The problem is the shortage of supply, especially of larger spaces. André Almada, head of real Read this article