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Living in Portugal

The most famous shoes designer in the world owning two houses in Portugal

Christian Louboutin, the designer of the famous French shoe brand, organized the second visit within a short time in Lisbon and explained to the famous Portuguese newspaper 'Expresso' why he has so much love to Portugal. He explains that France is his first home, it is where his origins are, Italy is the second, because there he produces his shoes and Portugal is the third, it is the place in the world where he feels most comfortable.

"I love Portugal because I love the Portuguese," says the French creator without hesitation. Having grown on the coast of  France, he found the same conditions in Portugal, but with even better atmosphere. Currently he has two houses in Portugal, one in the Portuguese capital, Lisbon, and another in Melides, Alentejo.

The designer believes that he never thought that Lisbon needed to change, but seeing that the city has renewed gradually, he points this factor as positive. He bought a house in Alfama to enjoy the light of Lisbon and how this is reflected in the river Tagus. Louboutin says he feels increasingly comfortable in Portugal, where he feels in peace. "And the food is great", - he jokes.

The nature and the gardens are the reasons that Louboutin points to be in love with Portugal. When we visited the country, he was little bit older than twenty years, was staying at the Seteais Palace in Sintra, and fell in love with the gardens. It also highlights the tiles. "It is a country made to my measures",- he concluded.