Real Estate in Lisbon

General overview on Lisbon Real Estate development

Current overview of the property market in Lisbon

Lisbon is currently one of the most attractive cities to purchase real estate in Europe

More and more foreign investors are attracted to Lisbon, alike London, Lisbon is becoming a real "refuge city" for those wishing to invest in real estate.
As opposed to what is currently happening in Spain, for example, the Portuguese market has no symptoms of the real estate bubble. "What is happening in Portugal is a very attractive real estate market, and not just for the Portuguese, which  increases prices," said Fernando Encinar, Partner and Co-Founder of Idealist, to the 'Observer'.

Despite the growing tendency for prices to increase in the Portuguese capital, also due to the boom in tourism and subsequent interest of investors, this is still Europe's most undervalued cities when it comes to real estate purchase price, as shown in the chart below.

Chart 1 - overvalued and undervalued properties in Europe.



We can also observe the chart below that Portugal, despite the growth that has been recorded in the real estate field, continues to have extremely competitive prices.

Chart 2 - Real Average price per m2 in Europe.



We can conclude that this is the right time to invest in real estate in Lisbon. What is reinforced by organizations such as the Financial Times, which considers Lisbon a "reborn" city, attracting more and more families in the center of Europe, which have the stupendous features of Lisbon, but also by the tax benefits granted in Portugal to non-habitual residents.


Currently the real estate in Lisbon is one of the major points of attraction for investors from all over the globe, such as Chinese citizens, Brazilian, Angolan and European as French, English and Spanish. Who comes here faces a beautiful safe country, with all necessary infrastructure, an enviable climate and a food and quality lifestyle. And all these for affordable prices and associated tax benefits.