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By Inês ALMEIDA . 4 years

Forbes recognizes the many enchantments of Lisbon and, altough they admit the capital of Portugal has more than a dozen reasons to be loved, they decided to highlight the twelve subjects that must not be ignored whenever you visit this wonderful city.


Lisbon is not only the least expensive capital of all the Western Europe, according to Forbes, but it also has a deep historic heritage, plenty of beautiful monuments, an ancient and atractive culture, and trendy restaurants and neighborhoods, such as Chiado and Príncipe Real.


In Forbes article, the journalist highlights 12 important things:


1. José Avillez


The portuguese chef could be considered a national treasure and Forbes describes him precisely as "the wunderkind chef". It defines the route to sucess of the chef who worked with Alain Ducasse, Eric Freshon and Ferran Adrià and in a year brought a Michelin star to Belcanto. Now, with only 36 years, Avillez runs the two-Michelin-star Belcanto, Mini-Bar, Pizzaria Lisboa, Café Lisboa and the recently opened Bairro do Avillez.



2. The Sky Bar at the Tivoli Lisboa


Forbes considers Sky Bar one of the best spots to watch the sunset in Lisbon. Because of it's location, in one of the most admired five-star hotels in Lisbon, Tivoli at Avenida da Liberdade (which they describe as the "Fifth Avenue of Lisbon").



3. Cervejaria Ramiro


"A seafood fest" is how Forbes describes it, which simplicity and embrace of traditions they praise and describe as "a step back in time", different from the trendy restaurants, but so much worth the visit.



4. Cascais


One of the characteristics that Forbes considers over the top in Lisbon, is it proximity to beaches, which makes the city one of a kind in Europe. At the distance of a train ride, beautiful places like Cascais village awaits you. There you can find many interesting restaurants and nightclubs.



5. A Vida Portuguesa


The american magazine highlights the brand A Vida Portuguesa, because of its retro packagings and local products, that "represent the best of Portugal". These products can go from personal care items, stationery or gourmet food. They are both admired by locals, who enjoy them for nostalgic reasons, and foreigners that can buy the best souvenirs in just one place.



6. O Purista Barbière


To Forbes, this barbershop reunites two great factors: the decor so atractively retro and the drinks that are served, belgian beers and gins.



7. Palacio Chiado


This palace built in 1781, is the home of many delicious restaurants, after the restoration that took place for two years. It's worth the visit, according to Forbes, for its architecture and for the food, which goes from charcuterie, to burgers, sushi and oysters.



8. Ginjinha


Forbes compares the italian espresso to the portuguese ginjinha liquor, which is made with sour cherries and cinnamon. Lisbon has many small bars dedicated to this drink, that are crowded with foreigners as well as locals.



9. Parque das Nações


This gem of Lisbon became interesting in 1998, when many contemporary buildings were made to receive the World Exposition. Inside them you can see many exibitions, which includes Oceanário, a marvelous display of many fishs and ocean creatures. Forbes highlights the sidewalk next to the river and the cable cars that pass over it too, from where you can get beautiful sights.



10. Time Out Mercado da Ribeira


Despite the difficulties to get a seat, the Time Out Mercado da Ribeira is a must go in Lisbon. This massive market has many wonderful treats to try out, which includes dishes from culinary stars as Henrique Sá Pessoa.



11. Sintra


This UNESCO World Heritage village is one train ride away from Lisbon and it's so worth the visit. You must go to Pena Palace, that looks like it belongs to a fairytale, the Moorish castle or the National Palace. Forbes also advises the readers to go to the five-star hotel Tivoli Palácio Seteais, if nothing else for it's amazing views.



12. Tuk-tuks


Forbes was delighted, as well as the rest of us, with the little tuk-tuks that be can seen all around Sintra and Lisbon. "A fondness for silly transportation" is what they call to this phenomenon that can't stop growing in Lisbon, and they describe it as a "great goofy fun".



Forbes joins the many voices that proclaim the wonders of Lisbon nowadays. What are you expecting to join us?