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Discover the most valued areas of Lisbon

Discover the most valued areas of Lisbon
By Joana P. . 4 years

Parque das Nações is the most expensive area of Lisbon to live in 

While living in Lisbon is exponentially cheaper than in other European capitals, there are areas where the cost of housing/per sq.m is higher. A study of real estate Cushman & Wakefield analyzed the residential market of Lisbon. According to this report, the Parque das Nações is the most expensive place to reside in the Portuguese capital, and the average cost per square meter in this area is 3625 euros.

The second area which has the highest prices in the housing encompasses the neighborhoods of Lapa, Estrela and Santos , with the price per square meter of around 3562 euros. However, as well as Baixa-Chiado, the area Estrela, Lapa and Santos are less populated areas, mostly with couples and singles living here.


The highest concentration of people in Lisbon (27.5%), which also corresponds to larger families and younger population, are registered in Benfica, Campolide, Telheiras and Lumiar. And in such areas as: Belem Alcântara, Avenidas Novas and traditional neighborhoods like Alfama, Sé Castelo or Graça reside aging population of the capital.

Residents with more substantial incomes are concentrated on the New Avenues (including São Sebastião da Pedreira, Campo Grande and Alvalade), as well as Lapa, Estrela and Benfica neighborhoods, Campolide and Telheiras. The lower earnings correspond, as a rule, to the suburban area and some traditional neighborhoods.


The Baixa-Chiado area is registered as one, with the highest unemployment rate of 11%. On the other hand, the lowest unemployment rate is the neighborhoods: Alto da Pina, Beato, Marvila and Olivais, which is below 4%.