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How to protect your home from potential burglars

How to protect your home from potential burglars
By Joana P. . 4 years
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Learn how can you assure the security of your home


Portugal is the 5th safest country in the world. However, as in any country there is always the risk of burglary. So you should know how to protect your home the best possible ways.


Tips to make your home safe:


  • Install security systems in your home, such as alarms, surveillance cameras or security bars on the windows.


  • Whenever you leave home, make sure you leave the doors and windows locked, even if absent not for a long time.


  • If you are living in a more isolated location, consider purchasing a lighting system to the exterior of a housing, preferably with a motion sensor.


  • Do not forget to lock the gate of your garage, as well as cars.


  • Avoid talking about your personal life on social networks. It is dangerous that strangers know what you have purchased or that you are going on vacation. On the other hand, you should notify your relatives, neighbors or friends who will be on leave and be attentive.


  • It is important that the doors leading to the outside are high quality, as well as the gateway between the garage and the house.


  • If you have a garden, avoid leaving a stepladder or other handy tools, that can be used to enter your room.


  • Beware of the place where to leave the keys. Do not even think of leaving under the rug or a vessel to the house entrance and also should not put a label on them to say the address.


  • Shoot every room of your home so that, if necessary, get help insurers with evidence of their property. This way, you never miss anything if you need to make an inventory of stolen goods.