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The best neighborhoods of Lisbon for foreign investors

The best neighborhoods of Lisbon for foreign investors
By Joana P. . 4 years

Lisbon has many attractive neighborhoods, so it gets difficult to choose


You already know that Lisbon is the ideal European city to invest in. With low crime rates, lots of sunshine and an excellent quality of life, the Portuguese capital has the qualities necessary to attract investors. The historic center, which is too expensive for most of the local citizens, is an ideal place to invest in, since foreigners find luxury apartments at half price in relation to their country of origin.

Discover the best neighborhoods to invest in:


The oldest and typical district of Lisbon attracts more and more foreigners. Alfama is an authentic village in the center of the city and attracts for being a genuine and charming neighborhood. Many of its homes offer views of the Tagus river, where parking is also available.


The Graça is located on the highest hill of Lisbon, which explains the breathtaking views it offers. Like Alfama, it is also one of the oldest districts of Lisbon. It contains squares, viewpoints and varied traces of buildings. It appeals not only to the the locals, but also to foreigners.

Avenidas Novas

This area resulted from the expansion of the city in the mid-twentieth century, which resulted in residential and commercial areas in wide avenues. Initially beautiful palaces were built, which have been disappearing over the years. This area is mostly inhabited by middle-upper-class families and has a good supply of housing, good access and services.


Príncipe Real.

Príncipe Real is one of Lisbon's most sought-after residential neighborhoods. It has beautiful buildings and diversified trade. It is a quiet area that contains several green spaces. As negative point is the lack of parking and the high prices of housing.

Jardim de lazer Príncipe Real, Lisboa


It is the neighborhood of the city that contains most monuments and museums, located beside the Tagus. Going up the hill you will find Ajuda and -restelo neighborhoods. This zone inhabits between middle class the upper class, particularly in Restelo. Belém is a quiet area, although quite touristic, it has large green spaces, however having the disadvantage of staying away from the center and not having metro.


Campo de Ourique e Amoreiras

Campo de Ourique was transformed into a residential neighborhood in the late 19th century. Contains beautiful buildings of the style Art Nouveau and is known for being a very pleasant neighborhood to live in, with a true neighborhood atmosphere and traditional commerce. In this zone especially live families of middle to high class, being that the prices of the houses are above average. There is no metro station.


Parque das Nações

This zone was rehabilitated at the Expo 98 and became a residential and commercial district known for its modern architecture. Parque das Nações is a high and medium-high class residence and attracts its location by the river, green spaces, quiet and good accessibility. However it is far from the center and does not have the traditional neighborhood environment of Lisbon that many foreigners are looking for.



Lapa is the most aristocratic neighborhood in Lisbon, known for its embassies and mansions. It is a quiet residential area that boasts several luxury condos and of course, has high prices. Especially in this zone inhabits high class, being historically the first option of the nobility to reside in. It only has to do with bad parking and no metro station around.



Photo credit: flöschen via Foter.com / CC BY

Photo credit: PatríciaR via Foter.com / CC BY-SA

Joana P. Responsável Comercial
Joana P. Responsável Comercial