Acquisition Process

Process of acquiring a property

Would like to buy a property on the plant or would you rather choose to build your home from scratch? Learn how!


When purchasing a new home, you should be aware that it will have costs and charges equivalent to 25% of the value of the property, and in an already used property these charges fall to 10%. In January 2009, a new government plan, SIMPLEX, was implemented to reduce bureaucracy and reduce administrative burdens. The payment of taxes, among other formalities, will be made through the online service Casa Pronta.

The process of acquiring a property follows the next steps:

  • Selection of a qualified lawyer.

  • Evaluation of the property.

  • Obtaining fiscal number.

  • Down payment in the promise of purchase and sale agreement.

  • If necessary, get the bank loan necessary for the purchase of housing.

  • Payment of the Municipal Tax on the Onerous Transmission of Real Estate.

  • Realization of the deed in the presence of one of the competent entities to legalize the act: seller, buyer and representative of the bank (if applicable).

  • Registration of the deed of the property in the Land Registry.

Buy property off the plan

The purchase of property off the plan or in the construction phase is increasingly common in Portugal and provides the buyer with a substantial reduction in price as well as the possibility of splitting the payment during the purchase period.

Buying process:

  1. Reservation of the property: the buyer pays a reservation fee.

  2. Signing of the contract in which the next downpayment is paid.

  3. Scheduling works to the completion date.

  4. Establishment of payment terms.

  5. Agreement of penalties for non-compliance, identifying the guarantees offered by the promoter.

  6. Copy of the plants.

  7. Clause of retention for a certain period of time after completion.

  8. Date of project completion.

  9. Definitive conclusion.



Building a house

Building a home from scratch is a time consuming process that requires preparation and patience, however in this way the buyer can idealize his dream property and make sure that the entire construction process is tailored to him. Before doing so you should review several issues to avoid possible potential mistakes.

Construction process of the house:

  1. Set a budget - how much you want to spend and the total cost of the construction.

  2. If you need a mortgage, check with a bank what loan amount you need, the duration and ability to pay on time.

  3. Acquire the land: you can adapt the house to the land or find a land that suits to the house you want.

  4. Check with the City Council: the Municipal Master Plan (PDM), which defines the different areas of development and new infrastructures.

  5. Define the house plan with an architect or choose a predefined plan and then make small changes with the contractor.

  6. Selection of a team of professionals: a surveyor to confirm the boundaries of the land, an architect to design or adapt the house plans, an engineer to develop the projects specialties, a contractor for the construction of the house and a works supervisor to guarantee  that the plans and specifications are met.

  7. It is essential to establish a contract between the buyer, the contractor and the architect. Never pay more than what is stated in the contract and included in a retention clause.

  8. Administrative authorizations, licenses and necessary inspections: request for connection of water and sewage to SMAS, request for electricity connection to EDP, request for telephone connection to PT, inspection of SMAS, inspection of EDP, inspection of PT, connection to water and sewage , Connection to electricity, connection to the telephone, final inspection of the City Hall and registration of the property in the Building Registry.