Moving process

Our moving checklist to help you with this process

Know what you should do to move into your new home with ease


Have you finally discovered the property of your dreams and are about to make the move? Although this is usually a positive phase, it is natural that all the procedures you have to perform carry some stress. In order to organize the best possible way, we have prepared a sort of guide to know what are the steps that should get you started on the right foot in the direction of your new home.



  • See in the calendar the best date to move and consider if you can load everything in just one day.

  • Check your budget with several shipping companies to decide which one has the best prices.

  • When deciding for the company, be sure to detail the amount of objects you want to load.

  • When defining all dates and processes, check the possibility of taking time off work to devote yourself to moving.


4 weeks before moving

  • Begin to change the address of all documents in official entities (finance, driving license, health center, etc.).

  • If you subscribe to a magazine or newspaper, change the address.

  • At the post office ask for the redirection of correspondence for the new address.


3 weeks before moving

  • Cancel contracts for water, electricity, gas, telephone and cable TV, starting the contracting of services for the new home.

  • Put aside everything you will need until the last moment or the things you should not pack, such as clothing, towels, sheets, food, medicines, toiletries, etc...

  • Start packing a few boxes a day, reinforcing packing over the weekend.

  • On the outside of each box should be written the content and the division to which the objects belong. Do not forget to add the words "Fragile" or "Heavy" if needed.

  • Make a list of all the boxes with their numbers and contents. This way, it will be easier to control where each object is and if there is any missing boxes when arriving at your new home.


2 weeks before moving

  • Start dismantling and packing the furniture in the house, starting with the ones you use the least. Keep loose parts - bolts, nuts, etc. - in a transparent plastic bag identified with the piece of furniture to which they belong.

  • Before you wrap carpets and curtains in large garbage bags, have them washed or dry cleaned. This way, when you get to the new house, just put them on the site.

  • During the packaging process, you can select your goods by recycling or donating what you no longer use.


1 week before moving

  • When almost everything is boxed up, begin to clean and close the empty rooms. Leave the house in the state in which you would like to find it.

  • If you choose to hire a moving company, call to confirm the date and time.

  • Call your friends and family who have wanted to help on the day of moving to confirm the date and time.


1 day before moving

  • Switch off the electrical appliances and prepare them for transportation by referring to their instruction manuals in case of doubt.

  • Pack the last belongings, leaving only the pajamas, the clothes for the next day and the toiletries.

  • Prepare money to pay the moving company.


The day of moving has arrived!

  • If you have rented a van, put the furniture first and then fit the boxes into the empty spaces.

  • In your car transport clothing, pets, plants and other fragile or valuable items.

  • Check every corner of your home to make sure nothing is forgotten.