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Interior decorators in Lisbon

Interior decorators in Lisbon
By Joana P. . 4 years
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Find out which Lisbon atelier to visit to give a new look to your home


We ususally do not have the guts, the patience or the time to lose to elegantly decorate our home. However, a well thought out and cared for decor gives a completely different look to a room. Whether for living, selling or renting, discover the services you can use in Lisbon to maximize the potential of your property.


Catarina Batista - Arquitetura & Interior Design

Catarina Batista's atelier is located in Oeiras and is distinguished by its soft, feminine decoration works with attention to detail. From interior gardens to baby rooms or tea rooms, this atelier gives a personalized touch to each space.


Discover more on their website or on the Facebook page.


BL Design Arquitectura Interiores

The specialty of this atelier, founded in 2007, is remodeling and rehabilitation. It also develops projects in the public context, namely in the hospital and residential and commercial segments.


Discover more on their website or on the Facebook page.


Obras Decor

The Obras Decor atelier is run by two interior architects who have extensive experience. Apart from decoration, Obras Decor are dedicated to the restoration and remodeling of the apartments in the old buildings, inserted in historical areas of the city, especially for the apartments for local tourism.


Discover more on their  website or on the Facebook page.


Gavinho Architeture & Interiors

Gavinho Architecture & Interiors specializes in the luxury segment for private residences and commercial spaces. It creates and invigorates spaces with a focus on personalization, sobriety in its style and nobility of materials.


Discover more on their website or on the Facebook page.


Prego sem Estopa by Ana Cordeiro

Ana Cordeiro and her team execute interior architecture projects in public and private spaces. They create unique, well-lit and elegant spaces that stand out for their lively colors and attention to detail.


Discover more on her website or on the Facebook page.

Prego sem Estopa by Ana Cordeiro