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Lisbon will have more gardens and places with Wi-Fi in 2017

Lisbon will have more gardens and places with Wi-Fi in 2017
By Joana P. . 4 years
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More green spaces, security and internet access are some of the projects included in Lisbon´s budget


The projects that won the Participatory Budget for 2017 in Lisbon are a pedestrian bridge in Campo Grande, a free wifi network in several points of Campos de Ourique and two canine parks. Fernando Medina, mayor of the city, believes that these projects "will make Lisbon a better city".



The largest portion of the budget, 300,000 euros, is earmarked for each of the five areas of the city, with six projects in the historic center. Approximately € 1.5 million is expected to be invested in 15 local projects and € 1 million for the two winning structural projects.



Several projects include the creation of gardens, such as the garden of Caracol da Penha. This space will have areas for agricultural production, a belvedere and children's and sports playground equipment. In Telheiras road will also give birth to a new garden, as well as in Ajuda and Caracol da Graca, and canine parks in the latter two. The requalification of the Carnide Pavilion is the second major structural project of the municipality for next year.



The requalification works on the streets of Lisbon will also continue. In 2017, the municipality intends to improve accessibility in several streets and junctions and an aerial pedestrian link will be built between the two Campo Grande gardens, to increase the safety of those who pass by.


Another change for 2017 is the creation of a free wifi network at various points of Campo de Ourique parish. Lisbon residents will also have access to an online platform to register their complaints against the night noise, which will be accessible to PSP and Municipal Police.



Source: Economia Online

Joana P. Responsável Comercial
Joana P. Responsável Comercial