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Home Staging, how to increase your property in value

Home Staging, how to increase your property in value
By Joana P. . 4 years
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Learn how to create the ideal setting for increasing your home's value and preparing it for possible sale or lease


Creating a setting that is appealing, welcoming and that makes anyone willing to settle in a place,  and is also financially affordable - is the core of Home Staging. Thinking of the house as a stage and each division as a setting- is a great starting point for anyone who wants to prepare a home for sale or lease.



You should always try to enhance whatever each area the house or apartment has to offer, highlighting the strengths and minimizing the less appealing points. If the space is small and has poor lighting, reduce the number of objects and light it well. If the space is too large, it has to be worked on its contents, so they do not get too dispersed, leaving uncomfortable the one who enters the room. Look at the various settings and environments that the division can provide and work on them according to their specifics and functions.


Tips to enhance your property in value:

  • Get rid of the clutter - it is the most important thing to do to prepare your home for sale. One of the success factors, that gives the impression of having the house more cluttered is the excess of furniture. You do not have to reduce the number of furniture dramatically, but make sure you need all what you have.

  • Grouping Furniture - There is a widespread belief that the divisions seem larger, if the furniture is leaning against the walls, but this is not true. Instead, the furniture must be away from the walls and grouped is such way, that people can move freely around the room and it will also make it look bigger.

  • Home Lighting - One of the important factors that makes homes more welcoming is good lighting. Most homes are not well lit and this factor makes all the difference.

  • Make the house look bigger - one trick to make a room look bigger is to paint it the same color as the adjacent room. If you have a kitchen and a small dining room, painting them with the same color will make them look like a much larger space.

  • Create an ambiance - put some books and a lamp in the reading area, a bottle of wine and some tapas in the kitchen and few candles in the bathroom. In other words, show the best possible scenery to evoke the feeling of the kind of life that can be lived in within those walls.



Making the visitor feel like an actor within the space and getting him to imagine himself living inside this particular home - is the goal of Home Staging. The more appealing and evocative the space is, the more likely that the visitor will want to be the new actor on its stage.