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Opening of Huawei's innovation center in Lisbon

Opening of Huawei's innovation center in Lisbon
By Joana P. . 4 years
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Investing Portugal

The opening of the first innovation center of the brand represents a strong investment in Portugal, which will continue to take place in the next five years


The first Huawei Portugal Innovation & Experience Center was opened yesterday at the Parque das Nações in Lisbon. The Minister of Economy, Manuel Caldeira Cabral, with the Chinese Ambassador in Portugal, Cai Run, attending the event. Guo Ping, Rotating CEO of Huawei Technologies, reinforced the vision of the brand for Portugal with this new center of innovation and experimentation.



Huawei Portugal Innovation & Experience Center represents the brand's commitment to investing in Portugal, using its global knowledge to innovate, supporting the local industry and providing an ecosystem of partnerships that enable digital transformation. The brand aims to provide greater proximity to the innovative technology through this center to bring the latest developments in R & D to domestic market and provide a place for practical teaching.



The Secretary of State for Industry, João Vasconcelos, believes that "Huawei has had a very dynamic and positive presence in Portugal, committing itself to initiatives that support economic growth and job creation. We have been discussing the challenges ahead and realize, that we have a very similar approach to what needs to be done. A good example is his plan to invest in training of 5,000 Portuguese students in ICT skills to support the evolution of their professional careers. "



For Chris Lu, GM of Huawei Tech. Portugal, "with the Huawei Technology Innovation & Experience Center we aim to bring the latest technological innovations in Research & Development, as well as global best practices; create innovative products and solutions with our local partners; and extend our training and certification actions to local talents with the aim of developing national ICTs and achieving a more connected Portugal".


Source: Jornal Económico