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The importance of materials in home decoration

The importance of materials in home decoration
By Joana P. . 4 years
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You should carefully choose the coating of your housing according to your needs and budget


Dome decor consists crucial elements, including the materials used. These define the space, aesthetics and comfort and can contribute to the property value.


The microcement

The microcement is a smooth coating material, which is distinguished by its strength and versatility. Its thickness ranges from 2 to 3 mm, ideal for interior and exterior coating, without causing the usual inconvenience of the works, as it is not necessary to modify the application surfaces due to its high adhesion ability to any type of material.


This coating makes the difference in decor, it is a craft and manual product, which gives it unique features. It may have different colors and shades, with more or less texture and brightness, which makes usable in different environments. It does not smell and has a slightly cool temperature.


Self-leveling screed

Visually is quite similar to microcement, however, it is a more affordable material and is often used for coating of large surfaces. It can have different colors and tones, its texture is soft to the touch and reminds of rubber, may be more or less bright, is odorless and has a mild temperature.