Dream apartment

How to find your dream apartment in Lisbon

Discover the apartment in Lisbon that suits your criteria and needs


Have you fell in love with the Portuguese capital and want to take the next step, investing in an apartment in Lisbon? This decision cannot be taken lightly as you must assure yourself the apartment follows some criteria in order to offer you a certain quality of living or future business opportunities.


As you buy your apartment in Lisboa make sure:

  • The location pleases you: this is an important subject and takes into account different matters, such as neighborhood quality, distance to your job, services available and access;

  • The apartment profits plenty of sunlight: a bright apartment is much more pleasant to live in, in aesthetical and conditioning aspects;

  • The apartment has a balcony or a terrace: having an outside space is always nice, especially if you have pets at home;

  • The building has a lift: this is a detail of major importance if your apartment is in a higher floor;

  • The apartment is well isolated: a good work of isolation keeps most of the neighborhood noise out of your home;

  • The building’s state of conservation: it will show you if there is any construction work to be done and, if so, its extent.


Besides these factors, take also into consideration the price for square meter, condominium charges and local taxes, for the financial matters are of greater importance when investing in real estate.


Looking for an alternative to a classical apartment?


A loft is an apartment marked by a mezzanine and without many walls, joining all the spaces into one big room with high ceiling. The ground floor comprises the kitchen, living room and dining room and a bathroom. Upstairs on the mezzanine you have an open bedroom, from which you see the living room. This is a popular option on urban centers, usually more expensive that a usual apartment.



This is an apartment divided by two floors, connected by stairs or another interior solution. The purpose it is to provide an apartment with an organization similar to a house. Downstairs you find the common areas, such as the kitchen and living room, and upstairs you have the bedrooms and main bathrooms.



The top of the building offers you an apartment with a great view and usually a terrace. For these reasons and also for being less exposed to the eventual neighborhood problems, penthouses present higher prices than the rest of the buildings’ apartments.



Portugal is the right place for you to establish your investment – and if you don’t know it yet, be surprised here. Lisbon offers you multiple apartment choices, from different typologies to many districts. If you already made your decision on investing in home in Lisbon make sure it is the right solution for you. Buying an apartment is a big deal to many people and determines their quality of living.


Besides the comfort offered by several features, these can be determinant when re-selling or renting the apartment. If this is your intention, evaluate which qualities are most appreciated amidst the market and take the most out of your investment.