Before buying

What you need to know before buying an apartment in Lisbon

Find here which details you should consider when buying an apartment in Lisbon


Have you fell in love with the seven hill city and decided to purchase a home to profit its special light whenever you desire? Follow this quick checklist of essential aspects to have in mind when buying an apartment in Lisbon.


  1. Should I buy or should I rent?

First of all, it is important you analyze if buying is the best option for you. Becoming the owner of a property is investing in your own asset, without having to deal with a landlord about any change you want to do and you can’t be forced to move out after the contract ending.

However, renting an apartment appears to be advantageous for it allows you to change home easily, avoids some taxes or a housing credit.Either way, it is important you take in mind advantages and disadvantages of both options in order to decide what suits you the best.


  1. Is there a perfect solution to buy an apartment?

Have a thorough look at the investment you’ll have to make and decide the best option to pay your home according to your possibilities. Some economical solutions may be adopted, such as buying a home from the Bank or Finance or subscribing a loan.


  1. What is at stake when demanding a loan?

If you need to ask for a housing credit in order to buy an apartment in Lisbon, take into consideration every possible expense involved – and how much are they are going to weight on your budget.


  1. Which is the best apartment to buy?

Before you make your final decision about the apartment in Lisbon, make sure you know well the area you’re moving to. The location is fundamental when deciding a purchase, as it determinates the access and services at your disposal in the near future.