Portugal is the 3rd most pacific country in the world

Global Peace Index
By Joana CIDADES . 3 years
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Portugal climbed two positions in the Global Peace Index in 2017


According to the latest edition of the Global Peace Index, Portugal is the third most peaceful country in the world, behind only New Zealand and Iceland. The country moved from fifth place in 2016 to third place in 2017. This was the conclusion of the study signed by the Institute for Economy and Peace in its eleventh edition of the Global Peace Index.


Among the 23 indicators considered by the Global Peace Index are political instability, internal conflicts, levels of violence and militarization. Those in which Portugal stood out particularly positively were the lack of access to weapons, the scarce internal conflicts, the low rate of violent crime, the almost non-existent political instability and the good relations with neighbouring countries, among others.


Portugal has seen a great evolution in this ranking. Just remember that just five years ago, Portugal was in the 16th position of the table and, since then, has risen progressively, until now occupy the 3rd place. This rise reflects the improvement of 12 of the 23 indicators of the Global Peace Index.


“In addition to the increase in arms imports and the number of internal security agents and police officers per 100,000 inhabitants, all other indicators have improved or remained unchanged this year”, the report says. Portugal had the biggest improvement in the region, which is largely due to the recovery from the economic crisis experienced in the country.


On the podium, besides Portugal, is also Iceland. This country ranks first since 2008. Second in the table appears New Zealand. Europe remains the most peaceful continent in the world, with eight of the top eleven of the Global Peace Index being occupied by European countries.


This year, the ranking presents changes in positions resulting from terrorist activities that have occurred in several European countries, such as France, Denmark and Sweden. The least peaceful country in the world, according to the Global Peace Index, is Syria, preceded by Afghanistan, Iraq, South Sudan and Yemen, countries where armed conflicts are active.


Source: Público