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By Inês ALMEIDA . 3 years
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“The one who buys luxury is ultimately buying happiness”, António Paraíso


Given your vast experience in luxury marketing, which features and attributes make a luxurious property?


A while ago, I've written an article for Marketeer magazine. Here’s an excerpt:


The world of luxury has a fascinating appeal. It draws you in.

It draws your attention, curiosity and the desire to belong.

It draws you in by its prominence, its excellence, but most of all because it is untouchable.

It has mystery, elegance, innovation, history, tradition, exclusivity, sophistication and pleasure for all the senses, making it desired by many, yet accessible to few.

Luxury is essentially a state of mind. It is a way of life.”


A luxurious property must have perfect quality of materials and construction, as well as stunning views. In the luxury universe all tangible aspects have to be close to perfection. But then this property has a story and tells stories, has mystery, hidden details that spark curiosity, has innovation that provokes surprise, it is unique, exclusive and comprehends details of sophistication and elegance with subtle association to art and culture. Everything in it causes emotion. And all that brings happiness. The one who buys luxury is ultimately buying happiness.



Do you believe that Vanguard Properties' developments stand out in the marketplace? How?


Vanguard Properties’ developments that I know of are in prime locations of rare beauty, bold in architecture and with dazzling design, plenty of art, culture, nature, landscapes of exquisite taste that allow for different lifestyles, and revealing details that offer magic and emotion.


Good examples are the view from the balconies of Terraços do Monte, the design inspired by the famous work of the Dutch painter Piet Mondrian, in the amazing Castilho 203 apartment tower, the elegant classic architectural style of the Radio Palace building and all the stories in it, the unrepeatable beauty of landscapes in Comporta and Algarve. Happiness lives in all these places.



Do you believe that Lisbon has lifestyle standards to meet and eventually exceed the expectation of those who look for the best?


Lisbon is a very interesting city with unusual characteristics, because it combines all positive aspects of a cosmopolitan European capital regarding art, culture, tourism, a very wide choice of gastronomy and shopping, social life, daytime and nightlife fun, with one of the mildest climates in our continent, both oceanfront and riverfront - which is rare in Europe - natural beauty, quiet, kind and welcoming people able to speak a reasonably good English, a fairly small size when compared with other capitals, enhancing the picturesque and confortable neighbourhood lifestyle and Lisbon is quite close to other Portuguese cities, allowing for short trips within the country. On average, Lisbon is just 3 hours away by plane from most European capitals, and enjoys such a high level of peace and safety that it really is the envy of a significant part of the World.


These truly unusual characteristics make Lisbon a very appealing city for families and individuals, from any part of the World, to live and invest.



In your opinion, what makes luxury so special? How could you define it?


I usually say that luxury is a state of mind and a way of being in life. I mean that it is not enough to own money to live a life of luxury. In addition to wealth, full access to luxury is also made with a taste for art and culture, elegance and sophistication in behaviour, sensitivity to appreciate the beauty of subtle details, savoir faire and above-average cultural level.


The best definition of luxury I know of is that of iconic fashion designer Mademoiselle Coco Chanel, who once said "Some people think that luxury is the opposite of poverty. But it is not. Luxury is the opposite of vulgarity." I believe this says it all.



In your opinion, what do most people look for in their dream house?



Well, no two people are alike. And those who are looking for a dream house usually look for two situations, which at first seem somewhat, a paradox.They look for customized solutions, adapted to what they most value and like in a house, and simultaneously they are longing to be surprised by something unexpected, innovative, that provides them with excitement and emotion.


The world of luxury is full of paradoxes. It is critical for the real estate business “to learn and know” the clients extremely well, in order to be able to supply them with what they want and hope for, combined with what they don’t not even know they want and therefore do not expect.



What is your vision on the luxury real estate market in Portugal?


Bearing in mind all the above-mentioned facts and opinions, I believe that it is a market with a very high growth potential, which is still in its infancy.


Lisbon, Porto, Algarve, Alentejo, Douro, Alto Minho, as well as historical cities like Guimarães, Évora, Viseu and a few others, show an enormous potential for development in the luxury real estate business.


However, it is not enough the availability of buildings and properties with potential for renovation and stunning landscapes. Luxury real estate tend to attract to a city or region a segment of consumers who buy for housing or investment, and who then also look for a wide range of high quality and very demanding services.


And there is still a lot to improve in that field, in our country. The opportunities are huge. Let there be creativity, strategic vision and the ability to make it happen.


António Paraíso



António Paraíso – Bio:



Antonio went to school in London, Porto and Madrid. And he lived in Germany, too.


He was International Market Manager during 19 years, and did business in 40 countries, across 4 continents.


Nowadays, he works as consultant, conference speaker and executive trainer on luxury marketing, innovation and international business.


Executive Marketing MBA by the Porto Business School in Porto, Portugal


Advanced programme in Luxury Strategic Management by the IE Business School in Madrid, Spain


Diploma in International Trade and Distribution by the London School of Foreign Trade, in London, UK


Business Model Innovation by Strategos Iberia, in Lisbon, Portugal


Antonio collaborates with the World Business Forum and contributes to magazines in Europe and Latin America and is guest professor at business schools, speaks 5 languages and is an innovation enthusiast.


Holds 30 years of sensibleness and experience in dealing with customers and has true passion in servicing and delighting customers.


On stage, he is an enthusiastic speaker, and has spoken at conferences for Giorgio Armani, Loewe, L’Oréal, Deloitte, Carnival of Luxury, Porsche, Lexus, Toyota, Philips, Leica, Pandora, Grohe, BNP Paribas, Sika, Luxottica, Alcon, Gant, Oracle and in Singapore for Procter & Gamble Asia.


Relationship Builder and non-mainstream thinker, yet with plenty of common sense


Detail-oriented and passionate about the world’s cultural diversity






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