Famous people living in Portugal: will it be a growing trend?

Famous in Portugal
By Joana CIDADES . 4 years
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Monica Belluci, Eric Cantona, Madonna… Famous people are living in Portugal 


Madonna was the latest celebrity to come to Portugal. But more than visiting the country, many say that the “queen of pop” is looking for a house in Portugal. The truth is that there are many good reasons that make the international star system feels more and more attracted to Portugal, such as the high security, gastronomy, culture, beaches, tax benefits and competitive prices of real estate.


Besides Madonna, there are many other famous in Portugal, or that want to come to the country. More recently, the Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin said he wanted to buy a house in the Portuguese coast. German actor Michael Fassbender has just bought a luxury home in Alfama. And Monica Belluci, Eric Cantona and Christian Louboutin have long been seduced by the charms of Portugal.


Madonna was seen in Lisbon, Comporta, and in Sintra, where she visited Quinta do Vinagre. There are also rumours that the singer has acquired Quinta do Relógio, located in the center of the village, for seven million euros. During her stay in Portugal, Madonna enrolled her daughters in the French School and put her son training with Sport Lisboa e Benfica, and has even shared a photo in the stadium club wearing the equipment.


Patrícia Barão, from the real estate agency JLL, told to Idealista that “there is nothing that Portugal cannot offer”. She justifies: “We know that many celebrities are moving to Portugal, not only because of tax benefits, but because we have good international schools, good hospitals, etc”. Patrícia believes that all these factors make Portugal very attractive.


This opinion is shared by Rafael Ascenso, of the real estate agency Porta da Frente, which considers that in Portugal “nobody feels like a foreigner”. He also says that “factors such as the existence of international schools and golf courses help complement the potential of Lisbon and Cascais. It is very important for the celebrities to live in a country or city where they can have a relaxed lifestyle”.



Source: Idealista

Photo Credit: Time Out