Find out how to make the most sophisticated room decoration

Room decor
By Joana CIDADES . 4 years
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Create a unique atmosphere with a different room decoration


Sometimes it is hard to know where to start when deciding to decorate a space. What style to adopt? Which materials to choose? The doubts are many. Being the room one of the most special areas of the house, where we find the privacy and rest at the end of the day, it is important to achieve the desired environment to enjoy the room in its fullness. In this way, it must be decorated with care and balance, giving it our personal taste.


Learn how to make your room decoration more beautiful:


  • White


The blank areas look wider than they really are. In addition, the white gives more light to the room, making it more airy and comfortable. It stays especially well when combined with materials such as light wood.



  • Black


If there is a colour we immediately associate with sophisticated environments is black. When used well has the power to create truly luxurious spaces.



  • Golden


Like white and black, gold is one of the most effective colours to create a sophisticated environment. Their presence does not inhibit the use of other tones, but this should be done with parsimony. An interesting idea is to use a piece in this colour, like a candle.



  • Comfortable textures


Colours are not the only things that matter. It is possible to create an interesting environment using various textures. You can do this with bedding or with the introduction of attractive lamps, carpets and appealing furniture.



  • The curtains


This is a very important element in bedroom decor. Placing some beautiful curtains that blend with the rest of the room gives an immediate upgrade to the space environment, especially if you use curtains that extend to the floor.



  • The headboard of the bed


The bed is the central furniture of any room, and the headboard assumes a crucial importance. This is an excellent decorating tool that should be taken into account in order to decorate a room with elegance.



  • The Light


Lighting is an important factor to take into consideration in bedroom decor. Currently, it is possible to create unique environments with the introduction of innovative lighting systems, from ceiling lamps to wall sconces, or even direct or indirect lights embedded in the floor and ceilings.