Invest Lisboa promotes the portuguese capital in MIPIM

Lisbon at MIPIM
By Inês ALMEIDA . 3 years
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"It is now that Lisbon is a sexy brand that companies have to take advantage of it to attract customers and investment"


MIPIM, the largest real estate fair in the world, will be held again in Cannes (France) from 13 to 16 March. The event will receive 24 200 participants from 100 countries, 3100 companies, 360 speakers and 5000 investors. The most important? Lisbon will be represented by Invest Lisboa, in a stand of 84 m2, the largest promotion action of the city to date.


"Lisbon has a booth to promote the Lisbon brand. It is a booth that has been growing. We have 16 partner companies. For us it is a lot, a record of all the promotional actions of Lisbon at the international level ", explains Rui Coelho, Executive Director of Invest Lisboa. "It's always a big challenge. We get the confidence of the companies, who come with us repeatedly, " he adds.


Although Lisbon is increasingly popular and is continuously news for attracting tourists and investors, the executive director of Invest Lisboa believes that there is still a lot of work to do. "Big cities that apparently would not need to get promoted, like London and Paris, have a big stand at MIPIM. So it makes sense for Lisboa to invest in promotion. "


Rui Coelho considers that there is still "a lot to do in Lisbon". The director of Invest Lisboa says that there are still many vacant buildings to rehabilitate and there is a shortage of offices and houses with accessible incomes. The Programa Renda Acessível (PRA) is rightly featured in the promotional stand of Lisbon in MIPIM. Rui Coelho underlines its importance, saying that "it is difficult for the middle class to live in Lisbon, but we are dealing with the problem".


"For the quality of life of the locals in Lisbon, the investment is very important, so we need a lot of publicity. Lisbon is in an excellent moment, in fact. We have a fantastic opportunity that we can’t miss. Lisbon must seize this moment to attract more companies, more talents. It makes perfect sense to continue investing. It is now, that Lisbon has a sexy brand, that companies have to take advantage of it to attract customers and investment. "