Portugal is the 25th country with the highest investment volume in 2017

Investment in Portugal
By Inês ALMEIDA . 3 years
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European countries are reaching a strong position in the top of the preferences of the investors


Portugal is the 25th country in the world with the highest volume of investment, which reaches a total of 2.1 billion, corresponding to a 61% increase over the previous year. Overall, global real estate investment increased 13.2% in 2017 to US $ 1.6 billion, according to Cushman & Wakefield's "Global Investment Atlas 2018" report, which expects new growth this year.


In Europe there was a 7% increase in investment, which ensured an increase in market share to 20%, with European countries achieving a solid position on the top of investor preferences, with the United Kingdom, Germany and Spain occupying the main places in the 'ranking'. The United States, however, remains the country with the highest volume of real estate investment, only surpassed by China in investment in promotion projects.


London is the most important city in terms of investment, being the most sought after by foreign investors, having overcome the negative effects of Brexit. Madrid, on the other hand, had a noteworthy growth, moving from the 45th position in the ranking to the second. New York, which used to rank third on the list, moved to sixth place.


"Europe must grow at two rates, with the countries of Central and Eastern Europe looking for growth of 14.5%. Emerging markets will be in the sights of investors, with India, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, China, Russia and Brazil leading the way. The cities of Lisbon and Porto should also receive increased attention from foreign capital, particularly in the office sector in Lisbon and logistics in Greater Porto" is said in the report.



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