By Joana P. . 5 years

After having an overview of Lisbon and what it offers all that remains is the type of property that suits you best Certain factor scan help you make your decision : are you looking for somewhere from which you can easily use your car or do you prefer to use public transport ?Do you prefer calm or hustle and bustle? 
New, renovated or with potential to renovate and personalize? The best price? By reading the following article you will be able to refine your search better in order to find the place for you.


One of the first things you have to decide is whether you are looking for a villa or an apartment, and if you want space or an environment opening up onto vast horizons. For a villa you will have to look further from the centre of town and so give up looking in places like Chiado and Bairro Alto. 
If you are looking for somewhere that is not too far from the Tagus or, even better, the sea, then you will have to look more towards Estoril where you can have some land alongside your apartment. You should also look more towards the north of Lisbon and more inland.

Looking for a lively spot in Lisbon

For those who want to live somewhere where things are going and are bit more lively then without hesitation the centre of Lisbon is for you. We recommend Chiado  where amongst the shops, restaurants, cafes , museums, theatres and overall vibe you will certainly not get bored and there will some sort of hustle and bustle at all hours of the day. Chiado is certainly one of the best places to experience typical Lisbon life but it is also known for its architecture. 

The other choice of area in this respect may take you to Bairro Alto which, as its name suggests, is situated above Chiado. Bairro Alto is also in the centre of the city and whilst it has the same shops, cafes and restaurants its streets are small and winding and everything picturesque is favoured. Fado takes pride of place and there is an abundant nightlife, hence the area’s younger population.
In terms of traffic most is done on foot but the area has good public transport links with the rest of the city.

Looking for a bargain

If you want to find a good deal, a great apartment at a low cost then Lisbon itself a good deal with cheaper real estate prices than other countries. However certain areas, particularly the area around Avenida da Liberdade, are much more expensive than others.
This is also the case with other areas in the centre of the city. As you go further out of the centre, towards Lapa for example, the prices go down.

In fact you will have to completely avoid newly renovated residential neighbourhoods and new-build apartments, luxury period property and apartments with impressive views. But even these will be affordable for the European retiree who wishes to spend their retirement in Portugal seeing as they will a greater buying power than in other European countries. 
Therefore if you are really looking for the best deal possible for your property in Lisbon you will have to come to city, gauge the atmosphere, chose your neighbourhood and find your own apartment that you can renovate yourself. 

Finding other French people

Some people come for the atmosphere and the sun, whilst others don’t want to completely cut the cord with their homeland and being able to meet and find compatriots of theirs will become an essential factor in their finding a property in Lisbon. Certain French people will be glad to find others in their neighbourhood in order to avoid being confronted by the Portuguese language, even though French is a very widely spoken language in Lisbon. 
The French School and its surrounding area are thus your best bet in terms of finding fellow countrymen, and you will also have no trouble finding them in the areas of   Ourique, Principe Real, Campolide, Lapa, Rato, Estrela and Restelo.