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By Joana P. . 5 years

You have the ambition to move, for this you are considering buying an apartment in Portugal. Being a resident of the European community, the steps are very complex and you get further protection through laws and conventions that European Union provides.

Three major steps will allow you to access this investment to fuel your choice to live in Portugal, we will detail you in the following lines. The visit of the property to finance, through the signature of the official purchasing documents, you will know everything from how to achieve your goals.


A visit to Portugal


Of course, first of all, you need to make your selection of real estate. If it is possible to make an initial identification of the different opportunities via the Internet, through sites dedicated to the sale, some visits will still widely preferred in order not to end up with an apartment purchase Portugal beautiful to photograph, but unfortunately far from reflecting reality. The disappointment could be huge, even devastating to you if you were in really discovering your new home, provide multiple jobs before they inhabit.

Thanks to the excellent air transport network in low cost, so you will have every opportunity to make one or two round trips to visit places to visit, let you well you realize the value of the property , the lively neighborhood of the potential work to consider, etc.


Financing your property


As with any purchase, it is useful to have a personal contribution. About buying an apartment in Portugal, 20% of the total investment is sufficient to qualify for an acquisition.

As for choosing a banking partner for your financing, you can choose in Portugal or in your home country. Know also that the majority of international banks are represented on Portuguese soil, which then opens the possibilities to program your investment plan from the office of your local banker who will then forward your application to the establishment of your choice, close to your future home. In fact, since you're coming from the euro zone, transactions are largely simplified.

Also, if you decide to purchase your next home on plan, you will have all the time to build up your personal contribution gradually.


Deed signing


Finally, when you've finally made your choice about buying an apartment in Portugal specific and you got all agreements with your bank for financing, you can give the green light to proceed to the signature a final deed.
The signing will take place in your home country, or to your personal notary if it is accredited through a proxy.
This sales contract will be signed before a notary and will detail the different clauses established between the parties and all the terms of the acquisition.

All information regarding the purchase of an apartment in Portugal will certainly allow you to leave on good foundations, both in terms of research and visits of properties, financing or realization of your notarial procedures.