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By Joana P. . 5 years
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Real Estate Lisbon

A thirty kilometers from Lisbon, Portugal's capital, lies the town of Cascais. This tourist-dependent district of Lisbon is on the Atlantic front, next to the town of Estoril, famous for its casino and motorcycle circuit. Cascais is bathed in a mild climate, enhanced by the cool winds of Sintra. The resort has a famous white sand beach hemming the Sun Coast. Popular destination for the people of Lisbon, Cascais is both a resort and a world-renowned traditional fishing port.

Unlike other seaside towns, the flow of tourists is not too large, allowing to fully appreciate the local life in contact with its inhabitants. Many international stars, whose father James Bond, Ian Fleming, and many others had come or stay in this glamorous city dominated by its medieval city.


Discover the reasons to buy a property in Cascais

The real estate Cascais is a great investment, the range of goods available is vast. In this town of less than 100 sq. kilometers, there are apartments refurbished, modern houses with unmatched comfort, small traditional houses of the city center with their colorful facades overlooking esplanades black and white cobblestones filled terraces coffee, but also luxury homes and institutions within private gated communities. Cascais is surrounded by hills, many properties are perched with stunning views of the sea.

In fact, in Cascais there are properties for sale for all tastes and budgets, although the city remains expensive to purchase real estate, prices are about 3 times cheaper than on the French Riviera, hence the popularity of Europeans and other foreigners. As examples, near the beach, a house of 250 sqm is selling around € 500,000 on the hills, an apartment of 130 m² for € 290,000.
Portugal seeks to attract wealthy French and, therefore, has set up some particularly interesting incentive aid. For example, if you buy a property in Cascais and you live there 183 days a year, your tax will be 0% for 10 years (for retired private). Real estate agents in France or Portugal will help you with your installation and, being near Lisbon, you will find in the capital all organizations to contact and of course the Portuguese and French banks.
The first thing we would advise you is to make the journey to discover this Eldorado. Many low cost flights are offered from France to Lisbon and then, it's a breeze as joining Cascais. On site you can rent a hotel room, an apartment, a house or take a holiday homestay which would allow you to meet local people and appreciate the well-known kindness; many Portuguese fluent French. You also will meet compatriots talk about their life here. Looking for a good, certainly, but also enjoy your stay and, above all, enjoy the terrace of the specialties that are Cascais lobster and sole decorated with a green wine of Minho.


Thus, whether to make a real estate investment in Cascais the financial return of the in rental, purchase a second home for you and your family, or just planning your retirement, your apartment, is necessarily in Cascais at attractive prices you will not find on equal terms in France. In a beautiful environment, you will enjoy life to the Portuguese made a lot of kindness, good food and delicious wines. Once arrived there you never want to leave as the beauty of the area is fascinating.