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10 Interior design trends in 2017

10 Interior design trends in 2017
By Joana P. . 4 years
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In 2017 decoration dominate neutral tones, minimalism and handmade objects


Get inspired by the biggest interior design trends that we propose and welcome a breath of fresh air into your home.



Geometric tiles

Geometric ceramic tiles are one of the biggest trends in decoration, as instantly adding a touch of color and design to a small space such as bathroom . You can select the classic checkerboard pattern or a modern graphic pattern and match it with shades and neutral materials such as marble or white furnishings, which will give both a creative and refined aesthetic space.


Design inspired in Scandinavia

The Scandinavian style of the premise of a democratic decoration, ie, simple, functional and accessible to all. Emerged in the early last century but could not be more fashionable. The mixture of textures and neutral materials featuring this style breathes life into rooms and living spaces. The best word to describe this style is "less is more", as it takes us to simplicity, natural light, natural materials, like wood and light and neutral colors.


Hidden wires

In order to let your home be as clean as possible, it is essential to hide the wires, which often represent an obstacle not only physical, but also aesthetic. In order not to trip on the cable clutter from all the electronic elements, hide them and create not only a more comfortable environment, but also beautiful.



Shades of gray

The gray is the new black, as it replaces it to a a neutral darker, but softer color. The walls in dark colors like gray are beautiful and give special attention to the environment. Furthermore, this color can be combined with almost anything.




The patterns help to give a touch of fun to the decor. You have several prints options to choose from , whether geometric or animal patterns such as fun phrases or bright colors. Certainty that these will help give a more interesting environment division look. You can also mix more than one pattern, as well as different fabrics, to create more interesting aesthetics.


Neutral tones

Despite the dark colors, that are also a tendency of decor, the lighter shades are in trend as well. These are sophisticated, timeless and easy to combine, giving more emphasis to the furniture and other elements of decoration. They are also, as a rule, tones that do not tire as much, which is also be an asset.


Fabric flags

If you want to decorate your walls without choosing the classic frames, you can choose a fabric banner, which helps to give a fun and relaxed air division look. You can choose pattern flags, brightly colored or phrases, depending on your taste.



Optimized spaces at home

Optimizing the spaces of your home can be a way to make wider a small division or a touch of renovation in your home. Not only it is a decoration trend, as a way of organizing space. For example, you can choose to put the air conditioner inside a bookshelf in order to save space and make invisible not such an aesthetic element.



Handmade objects

In an era of rapid consumption and mass production, craft pieces become even more beautiful and valuable. You can use fabrics like crochet and knitting, as well as sculptures from clays and wood, furniture made of wooden pallets or patchwork frames to give much handmade touch to your home. These help to bring personality into your space.



Metallic wallpaper

This was a major trend in 2016 and will continue to be such in 2017, the metallic effects on wallpapers and decorative stickers. It is a way to give a subtle touch of sophistication to a space with gold and silver lines, without being too extravagant and not interfering with the rest of the decor.